The new exhibitor for mattresses

Products as mattresses and bedsprings, when are on display, can be tested to give the customers the guarantee they are picking the best solution. This specific test is carried out with the customer laying on the mattress. Considered the huge amount of choices we have today on the market, it is essential to keep in house different types of mattresses, and this translates into displaying in a big location, so that it is possible to position the product on the ground, occupying a space at least as big as the mattress itself.

  • Esposix allows the shops to keep a wider range of products to display.
  • Esposix is an investment in terms of displaying area. Is like buying an extra 20 square metres.
  • Esposix gives the chance to other companies -which are not typically mattress sellers – to increment the sales with the availability of a large range in a small space.
  • Esposix is captivating. The specific novelty of the design can create curiosity.
  • Esposix allows the mattresses to be well visible even from the shop windows.



Exposix is built with a mechanism turning around a vertical axis, which can sustain 6 bedsprings (with the connected mattress fixed with belts) and can move from the vertical to the horizontal position and vice versa. The operation is handy and can be split in three different parts.

1) Exposix with the springs and mattress in vertical position.

The operator can show the products turning the mechanism around its own axis. The rotation can be manual in both directions.

2) The bedsprings and the mattress can be brought from the vertical to the horizontal position.

The operator responsible of the products, when the customer need to test the product, can stop the mechanism in the position of the chosen mattress, in an area where it is possible to move from the vertical to the horizontal position. This solution is space saving.

In a space of 6 square metres can be showed and tested 6 mattresses

whereas 24 square metres would be used in the traditional way. The ESPOSIX mechanism also allows to all the 6 mattresses to be open in the horizontal position at once.   

3) Esposix returns to the initial position with all the bedsprings and mattresses in the vertical position.

After the products have been shown and tested, Esposix can easily return to the initial position, allowing the operator to show a different product.


Esposix is built with a rectangular base that can accommodate a single mattress or single bedspring whose sizes are 80x190 cm. On specific request, different sizes can be evaluated. Esposix is also customisable with the application of specific brands.


  • Outside diameter: 2.26m
  • Height: 2.43m

Building materials:

  • Painted iron
  • Aluminium
  • Beech wood


Where the area of the shop does not allow the installation of the mechanism, or for specific requirements, a single apparatus can be fastened to a vertical support as, for example, a wall. Otherwise, a single rotating element can be built, as showed in the picture.


The picture shows the view from the top of two mattresses (on the left) and Esposix (on the right). Six mattresses are displayed in the same area as two.

Esposix only occupies an area of 4.5 square metres.

Here is shown the area that would be occupied from 6 mattresses (comprised is the space to walk around the mattresses). The total area is as large as 24 square metres.

Esposix requires a space to move to the horizontal position, occupying an area of 1.5 square metres. This gives the opportunity to display, in a limited space, a large number of products that can be compared to the numbers of a warehouse.


Esposix is patented for industrial use (#0001411438) and for utility model (#0000282891).